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Welcome to SLangTNG, the next generation of SLang, the structural language.

SLangTNG is an application suite which provides scientists, students and engineers a tool for

  • linear algebra
  • random number generation and advanced statistics
  • numerical analyses
  • structural mechanics using FEM
  • visualization
  • creating graphical user interfaces
  • scripting using the Lua interpreter language
  • etc.

SLangTNG is a scripting language for stochastic structural mechanics based on Lua. Actually, SLangTNG provides additional functionality by wrapping C++ functions (involving additional C and FORTRAN libraries) in such a way that the C++ objects and methods are accessible from the Lua interpreter. This is done by an automatic wrapping process using SWIG. In addition to the mathematical algorithms, there is a binding to a GUI providing an interface to the interpreter, symbols and visualization.

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