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What is Tuxfamily ?

Tuxfamily is a nonprofit organisation providing hosting services to thousands of Free Software projects. For us, it provides the web server, the download server, the MySQL server (for our wiki) and the mailing lists.

All with an excellent quality of service, without advertising and without fees. It is run entirely by a merry group of volunteers in their free time, and the software infrastructure which they develop, VHFFS, is itself Free Software.

How can I help ?

  • You can give them a helping hand, like in any other Free project! Perhaps start at this page. There is also this page but it doesn't look exhaustive. Perhaps the easiest is if you just send them an e-mail. If you have sysadmin or web knowledge and were looking for a project to contribute to, look no further. I'm sure they have plenty of other tasks as well.
  • You can make a donation, and/or become a member. See the same page, and also have a look at this one if you wish to donate hardware.
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