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SLangTNG provides the following modules:

Module Short description available in stable?
tngbatch tngqt
avi Asynchronous variational integration of SFEM structures. xx
control provides methods for interoperation of Lua scripts with the main program. xx
interpret methods for interoperation between the modules and the main program.
mod_exception logging and exceptions (internal) stable
octree global collision detection stable
stoch statistic data analysis, stochastic simulation xx
sfem a finite element module xx
sfem_contact contact/impact handler for (a)synchronous time stepping schemes
sfem_df distance fields for unstructured meshes stable
sfem_elements_continuum finite element types providing continuums elements
sfem_import a simple import wrapper for the module 'sfem' for preprocessors such as GMSH xx
sfem_materials_base basic material laws
sfem_utility convenience helper functions for sfem xx
tmath linear algebra xxstable

All of them are enabled by default. You can access data types and methods via " modulename.Identifier" (case sensitive) for example

 MyMatrixType = tmath.Matrix
 mymatrix = MyMatrixType(1,2)
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